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our mission

Our mission is to create quality hand made goods that are personalized by our customers. We pride ourselves on already catering to a large pool of clients that look forward to the events that we annually attend in order to create their favorite products and accessories. We offer value to our customers by accommodating to their specific likes, and are unique in the market through our attention to detail and care for each accessory.

how COVID-19 has affected our business

Facing the coronavirus has been a huge adjustment for our family business. We regularly sell customized products & arts and crafts that reflect our hispanic heritage. We have shifted production of our traditional products to the creation of protective face masks in order to meet present-day demands. Our business depends on fairs and events that bring in crowds for entertainment; the COVID-19 outbreak has put all of this to a halt. We aim to provide simple and effective protective masks in order to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

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